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General New rear wiper??


Feb 20, 2005
West Yorks

Occured today due to monkeys at knowsley safari park :rolleyes:

Can anyone tell me fiats price for a new rear wiper, on the ePer disk or something if available. Looked on forum found nothing. Motor works fine by the way.

Also should that nut be exposed when you change the rear wiper? Do i require more parts?
Indeed they do, they are located in bradford so might actually go pick the part up.

Thanks (y)
If you PM GEX he should have one.

He asked me for the rear wiper motor. Which i send but also sent him the bit you need. Don't know if he needs that bit or not. think he was just after the motor but i sent him the arm anyway (no good to me afterall !! )

I posted it yesterday so he should have it on monday.

Hope that helps.
£12 the last time I got one, Fiat only part IIRC.

Should that nut be exposed when you change the wipers over or do i require another part???
I would think that you would have to remove the nut and take off the bit of wiper that is remaining, put the new one over the threaded rod that sticks through the boot lid and then put the nut back on.


IIRC you unbolt the nut and remove the remains of the old arm, then position the new arm over the spine and put the nut back on. There should be a cover over the nut as well I would have thought but could be wrong
apple, scrappy near me has 3 seis, all with wiper intact last week, i can pop up in lunch 2moro and find out for ya if u want, pm me.
Thanks to blackburnseis recommendation of scrapyard i visited it and managed to get a wiper off an MPI S model for the measly sum of a fiver. Everything is working and my sei fells no longer naked :D

Thanks (y)