Panda 2012+ 'New' Panda 4x4.


Recently exchanged my beloved Suzuki Jimny of 12 years for a Panda 4x4. My 3rd Fiat. I previously had an UnoS and a Cinquecento sporting.
Hope this one does as well as those did.
Got any more photos? Your red looks a bit different than mine. Lovely car, though I might be biased a bit.

Also, may I ask why you let go of the Jimny?
I will take some more. I have loaned my camera to a friend and took this with a Kindle. The others didn't come out very well. It is 'Cancan' red. The previous owners paid extra for it.
I have to do more driving for work now and the Jimny was just too slow on faster roads and hills. It was perfect for the rural road rat running I used to do. It has enough life left in it for someone else, maybe for off-roading.
It was a reluctant sale but I have a new Panda! I wish they still did a 3 door version.
I too would have loved a 3 door Panda, though the wife specifically wanted rear doors rather than faffing about when trying to fit people in the back. Which engine did you get? Not that it really matters as both the TwinAir and the diesel have plenty of torque for motorway speeds and uphill jaunts.
Useful to avoid passengers, I took the back seats out of the Jimny! To be fair they were only sufficient for very small people. The Panda has a more sensible boot, big enough for my needs. I have the petrol twinair, 850 ish cc. Great for city roads, parking AND I can now go on motorways, or uphill bits in Gloucs at more than 40 mph without embarrassing myself.
Looks splendid - great choice - and welcome aboard!

I test-drove a Suzuki SJ413 (predecessor of the Jimny) many years ago. I loved how it seemed to cope with everything you could throw at it off-road, but it was terrifying how, on the road, it seemed determined to pogo me into the nearest ditch at every opportunity!
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I'd think the Panda would be both quocker and more comfortable owing to the gear ratios and modern suspension.
I was going to say the twinair 4x4 has rather a low first gear and can make town driving a bit painful, but coming from a Jimny it must be a complete joy!
I am just about to buy a panda 4 x4, think they are fab but am a bit worried about the mpg? can anyone advise on whether should go petrol or diesel, i have had a test drive in both.
Welcome. Old post on economy suggests diesel could be 12 mpg better despite official figures suggesting there's nothing in it. The Twinair more fun. Expect the 29-48mpg I used to get (average worked out with calculator). And the lowest figure wasn't in winter either. But foot to the floor round town, that's what I got, though hadn't run the tank low.
Hi there
oo er that sounds a bit scary any thoughts on the city cross, I suppose i dont need 4 wd but can't help gravitating back to the 4 x 4.
Don't go for the similar looking 2wd Trekking as some wear and tear parts hard to get hold of. What's your budget, depreciation may not matter if you keep it. 15-20% discount on new not impossible. I want one of the revised cars secondhand (66 plate but there aren't any for sale yet, assuming registered any). The 4x4 feels more upmarket than an ordinary 1.2, which surprised me. Longest kept any of my Fiats when I owned that so it must have been doing something right. :D
Fionam did you make any decisions? The City Cross may be a great buy, but secondhand best value. Good choice of Panda TA 4x4's secondhand hence my second one, 16 plate in green with winter pack. Air con coped wonderfully today with apparent outside temperature at teatime of 19.5 c. My wallet may not if I don't get over 30mpg this tankful. Though my driving never at constant speeds.
no decision yet, ive seen a couple of the city cross driving around and they look the part but have not been able to test drive one as no garages near me can get them in.... the car will be a lease car as i work for the nhs so a decent mpg would be good as i do community nursing.. unfortunately the little panda seems to be a thirsty little animal so city cross or specced lounge??? 1.2 or TA ??? 4x4 is lovely but the mpg return would really annoy...
If you get a works car the Twinair Lounge despite higher list price is cheaper on company car tax by £5 month or so over the 1.2. Reckon you could get 40mpg. The Co2 rise on the City Cross may put you off though. What options would you want. Anything prebuilt metallic paint may be free. Heated front screen £125 on it's own. But unless 2 degrees or less it won't work. Whereabouts are you based? It could be built inside a calendar month to 6 weeks. You never know.