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General New Owner 100HP (some issues)


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Dec 9, 2021
Hi Folks,

Been reading the forum for the last month or so just before i picked up my new daily 100HP.

A bit of background story..... I sold my Jaguar XFR back in January to fund a replacement car for the wife, a 17 plate Mini Clubman Cooper S, which is a nice wee motor. This left me pretty much carless but i could commute by train or on occasion use the in-laws Aygo. Due to a change of job role at work and change of times and now needed a car for the commute. My plan is to purchase a Westfield some point next year and have a commuter car, hence the newly acquired Panda.
Back in 2006ish i used to work in sales for Fiat. When the 100HP was announced I instantly requested it as my Demo car. It arrived into the dealership a month before the actual launch and i got the boss to register it asap! 56 plate Blue 100HP. Ran it for about 6 months and loved every minute of it! No other salesman wanted to be seen in a Panda.

So, i have been looking for a cheap runner for the last couple of months and after looking at a few other different cars (Twingo GT, Clio, fiesta etc) all ended up dogs, i finally found this Panda on Gumtree and it was in budget and fairly local. The owner had just got a promotion and purchased an ecoboost Mustang so the the panda was no longer required. I went to view it, had a new MOT, no advisories, has been Waxoyl'd a few years ago so the everything looked good underneath, new front wishbones and only 70k on it. After a quick test drive, it was as bouncy and fun as i remembered so i bought it.

It came home and has ran great for the last few weeks. There is some creaking near / on full lock over bumps so i plan to basically purchased parts every month and replace the lot in one go. Shocks, springs, droplinks, top mounts etc. then onto timing belt, water pump, service items etc.

But today, commute to work, car running fine, just got to the work carpark, engine management light comes on (Check engine), temp gauge showing dead cold and fan going like the clappers. Not happy!!
I haven't had the time to get the bonnet open yet due to starting work but hoping to pop down to it when i get a break. Hopefully just a thermostat!

Thanks for reading my nonsense, and any advise regarding the car will be very much appreciated.


Has the ECU detects a problem and fired the fan on full speed which you should hear especial. at idle ?
Off topic: a Westfield(y)🥳

Couldnít be a sticking relay for the fan? Had that once on a Stilo. Taking the relay out and sticking it back made it work again for a while.
That could be the reason for running too cold and getting the EML.

gr J
Fiat have built in a safety device

if the ECU detect the temperature has gone above 60C then drops down while the engine is still running it assumes there is a problem and kicks the fans on full permanently while throwing an engine code

This normally only happens in winter here in the UK and only after a run at over around 50mph

the dead give away is when the engine light and fans come on together. The temperature will drop and heater blow pretty cold.

I have had this a couple of times, you can hear the fans at idle. I fairly sure (60%) they stay on a few seconds after the engine is switched off or am I mixing that up with a different car

the engine check light self clears
Thanks for the replies guys.

I have a cheap code reader at home, so will fire it in and see what it says when i get it up the road.
I'll check the relay as well.

And yeah, Westfield! So looking forward to it!
I was meant to get one last year but issues at work etc put it off to next year.
Koalar - Nail on the head, sounds exactly what has happened.

I'll report back later.
some guidance here

although the 1.4 and eco have a slightly different thermostat housing everything is still relevant
Well I’m home.

fan was on straight away, coolant level was fine, checked the T06/T07 relays.
Temp gauge didn’t move at all from the big C.

Got the cheap scanner on it and it shows one code - P0115 - engine coolant temp sensor 1 circuit.

I’m assuming this probably means the thermostat? Is the any preference to which manufacture?


not really
the original housing have a plastic spigot which is a weak point

some 3rd party ones are all metal in my opinion safer/better "facet" make one as do others

you still need to confirm whether its a genuine circuit fault or the thermostat. On the 100HP makes little difference if it the thermostat or temperature sensor as they are combined into one housing

I'd be fairly confident in just ordering one, especially if the temperature gauge has been struggling to get half way. I have yet to see faulty wiring

the quickest way to confirm 100% if its the thermostat is from cold put your hand on the top radiator hose. Its should stay cold until the engine pretty warm if it starts to warm up in the First few minutes you can safely order the thermostat knowing it will fix the problem
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Thanks again, that’s a job for the morning, it’s chucking it here just now.
My sh!tty Peugeot did exactly the same thing. It was a faulty thermostat with the engine running cold, and the fan ran all the time. That Peugeot also had an electronically controlled thermostat!
here's two examples the one on the left is the type I would look for with the metal spigot. The one on the right have occasionally failed with a crack in the plastic part (Green arrow)


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Apologies for the lack of response, I’ve just got round to looking at the car again today.
got a new thermostat after testing the rad hose heat up.
Good news is the old ones off and the new ones on.
Bad news, I broke a clip. It’s for the the end of the expansion tank hose that connects to the thermostat, looks like a locking clip. I tried googlong the numbers on it but can’t find it anywhere. Will I get away with jubilee clipping the hose direct to the thermostat or do I really need the clip?


Yes, Jubilee clip is good.

I suspect those original clips aren't designed to be re-used. It might technically be possible, but I've never managed.

If you're planning to remove coolant hoses or driveshaft gaiters, it's a good idea to get some jubilee clips to replace those that come off and might not want to go back on.
It’s not the jubilee itself that broke, it’s the adapter looking thing (star written on it) the hose is attached to it and the adapter to the thermostat housing pipe. the hose does fit over the pipe without the star thing, just wondering if i need it and jubilee clip the hose straight to the pipe. Otherwise I need a new breather hose which has the adapter on it, I just can’t find any for sale.


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looks like a lucky escape to me

looking at the right photo it looks like its been slightly leaking

The fact the larger pipe already has a jubilee clip fit probably mean either someone has already changed or had trouble here

From memory you don't need the clip and the pipe just fits over the spigot and held with a jubilee
You should have seen the thermostat/housing lol.
it was knackered, I could blow through it no mater what position I held the spring at, even at closed.

I’ll get it jubileed tomorrow, fill it back up and se3 how it goes.
Well its all back together.
Heaters are roasting again, temp gauge sitting steady at halfway mark even after a wee blast.
preset the eml and I’ll see how it goes.

thanks for the help guys!

Here’s the old one…..


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