New MTA relaese..

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New MTA relaese..


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Dec 30, 2005
any one here plays this..??

it's a multiplayer mod for grandtheft auto San andreas, and I was just wondering if any one here plays this, and if so what you guys think of it.
I find it the best ever, but hey I am just a stupid dutchman..:eek: :D

If any one plays it drop into our server once:
(site is still under construction but it's mentioned in the servers name)
I'm there like every free minute of me day, (my nick: )

If no one heard of this, but still likes grandtheft auto San andreas, you gotta download this and give it a try. it rocks my socks off :slayer:

Sounds like the game I always wanted but there's not much info on gameplay over on that site. I always wanted just a free roam version of the game with muilti people. No missions, no objectives just chaos.

I always imagined there might be a sniper randomly kicking ass somewhere then rounding up a posse and going looking for said miscreant.
Trouble is I haven't got GTA for PC - only on PS2 and that was discarded from sheer boredom within a week or two of purchase :-(
I have it PS2 as well, not PC - never did finish it properly, mainly because I was barred from playing it whilst the kids were up :eek:
well it actualy is still in a pre release version, well to be honest this is just a "hack" on the orginal game, made by people who do that in their freetime, and do it for free..(y) and they will never make an official relaese, it will always be a beta.

the versions they made for the previous gta games (vice city and gta 3) where ****ing ace, shure they wheren't as good as an official mutliplayer internet game, but they still rocked.
I played that with an uk game clan, for nearly a year, and we all diden't loose interest, we had gangwars, made video's of the game, did theme games (like cops and robbers)..
It was really good, and this one will be the same I recon.

This release is just racing in all the vehicles that are in GTA San Andreas, and most maps are checkpoint based race maps, so it isn't actualy a freeroam relaese. Some servers run freeroam maps, wich just have one checkpoint that you can't reach, so that is basicly just racing/flying around till you die, and the last man standing wins.

Next relaese will have deathmatch in it, so then you can actualy exit your car/plane/boat whatever) and walk around an blast off @ some one else, that isn't as dumb as the A.I. pc in the game has.

hhmm reading this back it shure sounds like I have some money riding on this...:D far from that, I'm just an addict to online game's, wich have good game play, and most off all funn and not just "unreal" like killing and slaying
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