New motor... Punto's got to go!

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New motor... Punto's got to go!


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May 29, 2003
Doncaster, United Kingdom
Got up yesterday to find my (temporary - on 1 month hire) company car sat outside. It's a 55-plate Peugeot 307 1.6. Not much to say about it really; it's modern, comfy, easy to drive and rather boring! At least its a nice colour - metallic red, very similar to the Punto. I'd post photos of it, but I'm sure you all know what they look like... :rolleyes:

The downside to this is that, between me and my parents, we have 3 cars on the drive and another 2 out on the road, which means the Punto's gonna be up for sale in the next week or 2 (n) :cry: :( so if anyone might be interested in giving it a good home then let me know. Classified ad will go up when I get round to cleaning it, putting the standard radio back and taking some photos of the car.
JonnyBoy said:
With all the mods on it, £800. Cheap at twice the price :)


what mods does it have? and how much would it be without them :chin:
serin said:

what mods does it have? and how much would it be without them :chin:

Not sure what it'd be worth as standard, probably about £500. I'd much rather sell it as it is though - most of the original parts (steel wheels, airbox, cat converter, throttle body, steering wheel, centre console, side repeaters) will be included anyway.

The list of mods is:

K&N 57i induction kit with cold-air feed
40mm Tricker throttle body
Exhaust de-cat pipe
Punto GT2 5-spoke 14" alloys, resprayed metallic black with Avon ZV3 185/55/14" tyres all round
Tinted taillights
Smoked side repeaters (and standard clear front indicators)
"55" badges removed from front wings
"Fiat" and "Punto" badges on tailgate and bonnet resprayed black
Black vinyl covering on the door pillars a la Sporting/GT models
Plain black sunstrip on windscreen
Osram Silverstar xenon headlight bulbs
Punto GT centre console and leather gear gaiter
Punto GT leather steering wheel
JBL 6.5" component speakers fitted in rear trim panels, with crossovers behind perspex windows
Pair of 1" dome-type tweeters mounted on dashboard
Punto ELX front and rear anti-roll bars (standard SX spec lacks these)

Bit more info here: (y)
uno_94 said:
NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! your not allowed, rent a garage, please dont sell it :( its so nice (y) DONT SELL IT!! your just not allowed. :shakehead

You are yet to understand the financial burden of running a lot of cars, and then if you keep you have to rent a garage = more financial burden.

In the circumstances a wise descision jonny
Exactly right Applesei. Much as I'd like to hang onto it, I just haven't got the space or money. :(

At one point I did seriously consider storing it at a friend's house in his yard rather than selling it. But it wouldn't get enough use to justify keeping it insured and taxed, and it's not much use to anyone just stood there gathering dust. I'm hoping to sell it to somebody on here or on PSC who'll take good care of it. :)
christopher watson said:
If the company car is only yours for a month, why sell the punto :confused:

It's just a stop gap measure. NGC have given all the new trainee engineers a short-term hire car so we can get to the training centre for the first few weeks, then they'll sort the long-term cars out while we're there. :)