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Sep 5, 2023
Greater Manchester

long time lurker...🤣

decided to finally join 😅

question: are the lambda sensors on punto 1.2 Mk2/2b same pre and post cat? mine a 53 plate,is this correct part number for pre cat please? 46751082

MPG been horrendous,engine light is on,dont have scanner to check,but at 125k on clock,its time to change pre Cat sensor I guess,had car since 2018 and don't remember it any of the paperwork.

had both sensors off when changing clutch last year,gave those a good clean back then in diesel/petrol along with Cat,Management light went off temporarily afterwards,then returned shortly after,been lazy ever since to look into it

any members in the greater manchester area?
Have a look in EPER its the Fiat Catalogue. It takes a bit of patience buy has the numbers for ost things if you persist.

IF you are doing your own repairs MES really is a sound investment. Lots of info and tips on each sensor contained therein. Its easy to use and will pay for its self in twoo jobs. is the place to look. You could offer your services for simple jobs for a small fee and help recoup some of the cost. This £100 charge for a diagnostic report is a total scam!