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Technical new leads punto 55sx


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Sep 19, 2007
two years ago had one of my coil packs changed the the other two months ago along with spark plugs. Last week she started hesitating on accelleration then she d be fine and if you left her running stationary for a while when you touchd the accellerator the engine would make a poppin noise then she d be ok again (hubby thinks leads need changing???) anybody got anymore ideas on wot it could be also wot are the best leads to buy???
best leads are fiat leads
it's possible one of the leads has failed

your symptoms sound more like h/g though not sure really without hearing what it's doing first hand

buy the way do your coils have a plastic cover over them held on with one 10mm bolt

I they do it should be removed from the car and thrown in the bin

there was a service news about these from fiat a long time ago asking for the removal of them on all mk1 puntos

the reason for this is the coils overheated and failed with the cover in place this is probably why yours has failed
thanx for the reply sorry to sound thick but does h/g mean head gasket the poppin noise comes on when she s warmd up and stood idling for a bit a quick burst on the accellerator a few time seems too clear it until i slow down again then it comes back but if the car is cold she runs fine ????
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now I think about it probably not head gasket sounds more fuel or ignition related

do you mean pooping out the exhaust like excess fuel

could be a number of things like dodgy spark plugs dodgy lead or a faulty sensor causing over fuelling

first thing I would change is plugs and leads in your situation then if it still does it i would look to the lambda sensor as it only does it when warm

the lambda sensor is only operational when the car is a both 80 degrees c

as I said fiat spark plug leads are quality and reasonably priced also get your plugs there to make sure there the right ones for your engine don't rely on what is in at the moment as people often fit the wrong ones
thanx will do what you said and try new leads first hopefully this will cure my problem
sorry to be a pest but hubby just looked at gap on plugs is gap 0.9mm correct

or 35 thousandth of and inch

it's nice to see someone actually checking the plug gap

someone I work with just throws them in on servicing without a second thought make me so mad


just in case you get mixed up
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