Technical New headunit wiring (with Aux in) - Punto mk2

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Technical New headunit wiring (with Aux in) - Punto mk2


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May 19, 2005

I have a new headunit, and one thing that puzzles me is how to connect it.

Instead of just connecting the standard ISO that is already wired into the car, to the back of the unit - i have an ISO connecter with 2 AUX IN connections attached (if that makes sense).

So obviously, to be able to use the AUX IN I will have to use the wiring that came with the headunit instead of just plugging in the ISO connector that is already wired into the car.

What's the best way to wire up the wires?

I'd really appreciate some help.

Thanks alot!

ps, if anyone is confused I will do my best to explain again :cool:
lol I knew I'd cause confusion.

Okay with the headunit, I got a loom of wires. One end all goes into an ISO connector block that is supposed to be connected to the back of the HU. The other end of the wires are all bare waiting to be soldered/connected to something. Reason I have to use these wires supplied is because out of the ISO connecters are 2 'special' wires that are AUDIO L/R Aux in (allowing me to connect an audio device).

I assume I have to use wire's supplied as opposed to just connecting the ISO connector that is already wired upto the car, because otherwise I won't have Aux In ability.

So the question, whats the best way to wire this baby up :) lol


here's a crappy image I drew to help explain lol, this cable came with the HU... I'm assuming I need to connect it to the ISO plug that is already wired upto the car?

What u'll need is one of the autoleads ISO-wire converters with a female ISO block and coloured wires leading from it.

Then you simply plug in the original wiring to the connector and solder/crimp the wires for the 2 new bits and plug the whole lot into the back of the stereo...

Thanks for the reply.

It's this one;

One last question, it has a yellow wire which on the instructions says 'Memory backup 12v' and leads to the + side of a battery. I don't see how this short wire is going to go all the way to the battery lol, so where would be the smart place to connect this wire?

Or do they all connect to the female ISO plug, which is then connected to the male ISO?
There are 12 wires coming out of this lead I have if that info is needed.

Thanks for the help so far - really appreciated :)
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