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Technical new engine new problems

Nov 21, 2004
hi all
just finished fitting my new engine. blew the old 899 one up so i was going to fit a 1242 but after costing it all up i decided to just replace the 899.
so i get a new engine from a scrappys. saw it running before i removed it! fitted it to mine and now the injector light is on all the time!! arrrgh!
after thinking about it theres only 4 sensors that have come with the new engine; temp sensor in thermostat housing, temp gauge sender, crank sensor and whats the one down the back with one wire coming from it? was just going to try and read the fault codes but its started peeing down. :bang:
could it be the lambda sensor as i ran it on 3/2 cylinders for a fair while to get home?
well ive been for a drive in the little sod now and the injector light seems to be intermittent. if its left to sit for a few mins the light goes off. itll rev ok but as soon as you accelerate the light comes on again. once its warm and left to idle the revs start to do their own thing. changed the ICV made no difference. just changed the TPS and now it wont start. just spins over.
itll wait till tomorrow now
right ive fixed it! :slayer:
reset the ecu and started it this morning. still no difference. :(
changed the temp sensor on the thermostat housing (something that came with the new engine) and its sorted. (y)
went for a spin and it now overpressurises the coolant system. :bang:
dammit. thats headgasket time again isnt it? the bread knife'll go mad! :cry:
philbo said:
went for a spin and it now overpressurises the coolant system. :bang:
dammit. thats headgasket time again isnt it? the bread knife'll go mad! :cry:

You sure its bled ok?
It could equally be the coolant expansion cap just sticking.
you could be right. ive been ragging it around to see if i could kill it or cure it and the although the gauge is reading ok the heater is only just warm. it used to be hot.
by the way what temp do normal cinqs run at on the guage? my old engine must have had a dodgy sender cos it read 50 at normal running.
woohoo! 300th post! pity its about the car being a complete bag of sh*te. bled the cooling system to death but its still over-pressurising. the caps working fine too as its doing its best to release the pressure. anyway it cured itself of the over-pressure today by blowing the side out of the radiator. pop hiss and big cloud of steam. wife crapped herself. hehe. well now ive fixed the rad i just need to fix the reason for it over-pressurising. its got to be HG hasnt it? just makes me wonder why its not pishing steam out the exhaust :confused:
yeah i understand that. just that back in my garage days i remember seeing a car with steam billowing from the exhaust cos of a blown hg. must have been proper blown! hehe.
anyway did the hg on mine today (what else is there to do on a saturday?) and you can definitley see where the gasket has gone around the cylinder seal. that and the plug and valves were orange. took some pics which i might post when i get round to it.
so shes running all sweet again at last. wonder what next?