New digi cam, hints, tips, advice?

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New digi cam, hints, tips, advice?


Jaaaag man.
May 13, 2005
Over the weekend I bought myself a Nikon D70. My first attempts weren't all that good to be honest especially the inside pics.

My pics are here from the AI event at Gaydon.

Let me know what you think.
TBH most of those pictures are suffering from...

.. not being arsed to get down to the level of the car

.. horrible overcast british grey'ness

.. not very highly saturated pictures, lacking in colour, suggest changing th whitebalance on your camera to every shot (usually just shove it in custom, fire teh shutter at whatever you are shooting, let it do the leg work, OK set it, then use it, reset for next shot if colours/conditions are wildly different).

whitebalance on Dslr's is the be all and end all. get it wrong, and your pictures might as well be off a phone (n)

and composition, just pointing and clicking works alright on point and shoot cam's, but your not really making the best of what you've got there.
Jesus Christ I had only had the new camera for less than 24 hours. Who are you the Simon Cowell of the photography world?

I asked for hints, tips and advice, not shooting down!
no drogo comments there (want some of them wait for applesei ;) ) just constructive critism :eek:
just telling you what I know from experiance with the things and what they 'tend' to do.

its all about the white balance believe me damn it :devil: