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General New Car Possibly

Mar 27, 2004
West Cumbria
I've been doing a bit of refinancing and if all goes through tomorrow will be looking to by one of these in the near future.....

I'll be keeping the Sisley no matter what but will be selling my 735 & 750 if anyone is interested in these beasts. I'll list them properly if all works out.

I would have bought a panda cross but it's not going to be available in this country :( so may have to wait a while or eventually get a LHD.
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Champagne water buffalo leather with green piping
well, with an interior made from Buffalo ... how could you not :). Glad you kept the panda... Cumbria wouldn't be safe if it snowed again
Very nice looking car Alan, but are you sure that its got FSH, as there was a gap of 15000 miles between two of the services. There is a BMW specialist near me that has 2 new shape 7 series beemers, so i will find out prices for you :)

EDIT - what about this BMW 750, its the ACTUAL car that was at the Irish motor show.......

and this one looks like a bargain....
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Does it come with an Ericsson's JB 988 so you can drive it from the back seat while escaping henchmen?:D



Oh, and if it comes with Pierce Brosnan too, can I borrow him for the weekend?
I'm sure he'll fit in the boot of the 750 panda....

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BMW 750 - is that as fast as a Panda 750? Only the panda should be a lot lighter so it should go faster!