Technical New brakes or driveshaft? or worse new gearbox

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Technical New brakes or driveshaft? or worse new gearbox


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Oct 18, 2005
hello all, just worndering if anyone out here can help with with this problem i got with my car the at the moment.

about 3 weeks ago it my car (Punto 2002 mk2) it started to squealing every time i pressed the brake, but now 3 weeks on, when i do it now it does not squeal any more but some times now it makes a grinding noise but not everytime i press the brake. work that one out:confused:

anyways now i listen out for it every time i drive it, and it seems it does it also does it when turn right, right after i have slowed down???

any help??? thanks in advance Dan:)
I have the same problem. When slowing down i hear a squealing noise! I just thought it was grit or sumit on the brake pads!

It sounds like it is coming from the right front wheel. My car is the Same Punto Mk2 2002!!
i also though it was a piece of grit, but i have read so much over the past week it worrys me that it could be pricee to fix the problem, here hoping for u and me, thats all the car needs is some new brake pads
it aint hot but as i was driving today i could here something defo touching the disc on the drivers side and it relly sounds louder when i turn right, i.e like something on the disc catching on the pads, how much do u think it would cost cus i really have no money at the moment is it going to be pricee from what i tell ya, hope not
just had me brakes done, i had new pads and new discs from kwit fit fitted for 128.20 is that a good price????
i had same probem with the squeeling took wheel off and knocked rust off rim of disks and blew out with air line and it stopped