General Need To Find A Punto Asap!!

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General Need To Find A Punto Asap!!

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Jan 24, 2006
Hi all

I need to find a punto within the kent area asap as I havent got a car at the moment

I would like a 1.2 16v, but if not the a 75SX or bigger would be good, however, if anyone knows of any puntos for sale or has one please let me know asap, also cost £1250 or less, P reg or newer,

Please help, any help would be very appreciated

Thanks:cool: :rolleyes: (y)
yes it was and there is none at all that are nice around in my area, so i decided to go with the punto's and look at a bravo after a punto

Do you anywhere? I've looked on ebay, autotrader and local papers so really need people who have seen any out and about or at garages

Please help

Thanks:cool: :rolleyes: (y)
really i have tried and am taking day off tomorrow to look the whole day and find one, but as im desperate wa just enquiring whether anyone new of any, on a previuos thread i started another member said he new one down the road from him in maidstone, i replied to it straight away and he hasnt been online since, so all i know is that its in maidstone somewhere, which is little help, but i am very interested as its a 75SX, if anyone else know's of any puntos for sale in the kent area please let me know

Many Thanks in advance

(y):cool: :rolleyes:
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