Need the technical name for something

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Need the technical name for something

Apr 8, 2008
So when you have a bolt through a box section
Its very possible to overtighten the bolts for a trailer hitch for example and crush the box section (never reaching correct torque)

You can buy what i can only describe as a sleeve which sits inside the box section to help maintain rigidity and shape

But whats the technical name?
Im not coming up with much...
I just cant pin point it...

Can get a picture if needed

Support sleeve or tube is what I'd call it.

Drill box section both sides to bolt size. Open one side to support sleeve outer diameter. Cut sleeve length to box tube width less one wall thickness. Align tube with suitable bolt, weld around the larger side and grind off excess weld metal.

That method gives a strong job with weld on one side only.

I did a load of these on a 1980s kit car which did not have any support sleeves inside it's box section chassis. If you are lucky you can buy internally threaded sleeves long enough to do the job.
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