Technical Need schematics of a gearbox...

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Technical Need schematics of a gearbox...


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Oct 5, 2005
I need some schematics of '92 Fiat Uno Turbo I.E. 5 speed gearbox. How to take it apart and put it back togheter.

M@nticore said:
What is wrong with your box?
The hayens manual I have only has the non turbo 1400 box in it, but they get stripped the same way.

the cinkrom for 2 gear.

how can i take it apart ?? can you take a coby of you book and send me email ?!?

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Newer Haynes manuals are useless if you want to work on a gearbox, they basically say DONT!!! Which is far from helpful when you want to.

The Haynes Fiat 127 or 128 manuals have a good section on the gearbox in them. Although it is slightly different you still get the general idea. Of course the 1.4turbo has a whole new breed of gearbox so it might be completely different (I'm not sure).

I used the 127 manual when I rebuilt the box on my 1108 FIRE, was pretty accurate, it didnt show fifth gear but I worked that out OK. I just went to the local library, found the manual and photocopied the appropriate pages.

Once again I'm not sure about the turbo because its got the newer gearbox and I don’t know how different it is from the older one.

One final note, I think syncros are a bit expensive so it might be worthwhile just putting up with it or buying a working second-hand box. I did the dodgy and used the syncro from my old 4-speed box :eek:
I just bought syncros and I'am ready to rebuild my gearbox, there's no way on earth that I can find an other gearbox here in Iceland.
I'am having trouble getting it apart, I have loosened up all the bolts but it’s still stuck together. Any guys out there with experience or send me a copy from a good book/manual?

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