need for speed mosted wanted PC game

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need for speed mosted wanted PC game

rich hemmings

Aug 21, 2004
ok so its ma birthday 2day and i have had the need for speed mosted wanted for ma birthday on pc.


so when i put it into the cd-rom drive this morning everything was sound untill, it asked me for an activication code

what can i do
well if you bought the game legally then you should contact the helpline (should be on the manual)

tell them that youve bought a game and the activation codes been used and they should be able to give you a a new one.

if its a copy then you will have to find a crack or code generator for it :chin:
As abouve and with HIGHER CASE and lower case
Probably wont even be HIGHER or lower case but it was just a thought after reading activematts post
I had a problem like this for Spellforce, it had the worst written code ever

After decifering all the letters one by one, I and l and i and L 1 I was finally thrown by. . .

a 0 that was actually an 8, but it had the tiniest dint in for the sides.
i have found it now and it works sound!

but where can i get an control pas from to play it, as it is hard to use ma key board and mouse to control the cars???

any help will be useful!
I play it using a Playstation 2 forcefeed back controller (y)

The adaptors are cheap enough, cost about a tenner, and you just plug it into your USB port. I have a thread about them somewhere.

Don't worry, you can buy Xbox adaptors, or other makes, as well ;)
Buy a steering wheel and pedals.. Then you need a decent car seat in your room. Combine the two and experience the ultimate driving experience. :D

For extra realisim get a mate to shake the seat when you crash :p
I got my PS2 steering wheel and pedals, just haven't connected them up yet :eek:

Also buy a 42" TV and plonk yourself right in front of it :slayer:
I've played Farcry sitting in front of a 43" plasma.. My God! Thats a big gun!