need a diesel.

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need a diesel.


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Sep 17, 2007
anyone know of a good diesel I could get? I'm having to start a new job 42 miles from my house and my marea 20v will just howl the juice away. Was thinking about a 2.4 JTD marea. Gonna sell the 20v or swap it for a diesel. Any ideas fellas?
Its a rare best so be willing to travel, why not look at the 1.9 too, when remapped almost as capable, and better on economy too.
unless you need the boot space consider a 1.9JTD bravo or brava as well. less weight = better performance and fuel economy.
Rare true, but giving their owners an offer could result in an exchange of V5.

Having owned both 1.9 and 2.4 JTD I'd say the 2.4 is in a different league. Well worth looking for. Although I have more power now in my 1.9mJET, I miss the 5-pot's lazy torque, along with its superb (for a diesel) soundtrack.
thanks for the advice. I would travel and consider a Bravo, wouldn't have a Brava though, just never really took to that back end. I'd prefer the 2.4 5 cylinder because I'd have some of grunt I'll be getting rid of with the petrol, whilst giving me a good return on fuel, a 1.9 would be acceptable however.

was on which is where i stumbled across my marea 20v but theres hardly any diesel cars of any form on it. would have been mega handy like lol.
well i currently have a Brava 1.9 JTD and a Marea 2.4JTD and mush say the marea is the more fun to drive but if your really after one as much as i would like to keep the Marea i really do need to get rid of one now, Just got a new job 2 min up the road and its not far enough to warrenty a big Diesel, if you want to have a look some time give us a shout it would be nice to have a long drive in it again, went like a super model in silk down to standford and back
interesting... lol is the 2.4 JTD proper quick like? or is it more of 'have to get it wound up'. suppose its only 17bhp less than the 2.0 I've got just now and probably has bags more torque. I would just miss the noise thats all. lol.
Off turbo yes it's pretty poor but then so would your petrol if you drove that everywhere under 1500rpm ;)

As for is it quick? Yes, it's rapid and has the potential for a 50bhp ish remap.