My tiny toy!


Bought a rallye whilst the coop's off the road. It feels rather slow in a straight line but it is funny ringing the crap outta the engine (7,400RPM redline!) and it would MINCE the coupe through the corners, it's simply a go-kart. Had an "incident" on the way home in it and ended up the wrong way round a roundabout :D hello lift-off oversteer. Plans are a group "N" exhaust sytem and a raceland manifold, and perhaps a bilstein suspension kit.



I just know Dave will love it :D :p
Cheers Herps, yeah I didn't want a GTI conversion cos i wanted cheap tax, and I like the revvy nature of the original engine. I have been on that site but not signed up, been on the rallye site mainly. Know where I can get a set of decent winders? mine are faded and look pants!!
Ah brings back memories that, mine was that colour. I had the Peugeot Sport Group N exhaust system, made it one of the best sounding 4pot engines I have ever heard, it sounded awesome over 5000rpm where it really sang, but even on idle which was in true pug style lumpy, it sounded purposeful.

I loved the high revving nature of the 1.3 over the 1.6 in the MK2 Rallye, just seemed to suit the nature of the car so well, and the chassis is a delight. I kept a Subaru Impreza WRX honest over about 20miles of A road one very late Sun night, when we eventually got to Salisbury and I pulled up next to him at traffic lights I think he was shocked that I had kept with him so easily.

Enjoy. :D
Cheers Sammi :)

Yeah it's certainly got a good chassis, after the coupe understeer-fest it's took me awhile to adapt my driving style to the rallye, it refuses to understeer, when it does let got it's the rear that swings out, I've got used to it now (by driving around a deserted roundabout and learning to control the rear when it does step out!) and it feels great. The rear tyres are more aged and worn than the fronts tho so you have to be very careful. Fresh rubber is definately a priority.
How long ago did you own a rallye, Evo? any pics? Yeah I'm definately going for a "pugsport" group N exhaust, probably the 2" tailpipe to keep things looking un-chavvy. I keep hearing about the "rasp" from this rally prepared exhaust and I need some of that :p It's had some head work already and is running a K+N, gonna fit a raceland manifold too, that should take it to near the 16v engine in terms of power I hope.
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No pics i had mine prior to having a digi camera, and TBH I'm hopeless at taking pics, I can never really be bothered :eek: Owned about 3 years 35K miles, never let me down, I had to replace a front drop link, and replaced the rad for a "Nissans" alloy one as it got holed by a stone going through New Forest. And put new pads and discs and shoes on it about a year after I bought it, but that was it.

Sound slike you are going for same exhaust I had as mine had the 2" polished tailpipe, just suited the car. the "rasp" has to be heard to be believed its coming from such a small 4 pot engine, its addictive.

You will probably find from the owners club that not many folk who are really into the cars performance change the wheels as the Michelin steelies are very light and strong, alloys can look good but will weigh more and that upsets the balance a lot. the Phase 2 steelies are 1/2 inch wider so can fit wider rubber IIRC

I did fit a K&N filter to mine, but it was actually a filter meant for an integrale which i had bought but then found it didn't fit very well, so adapted it to fit the Rallye and it sat in a nice area of cold air, unlike some of the filters you buy. Lots of people swear by the standard box and good panel filter, though Green and I think Simota make some very very nice looking proper cold air induction boxs that are as big as the standard box and use the front of the car to get cold air like the standard box does.

The only other things I did was a fitted a GTi rear spoiler colour coded, a MOMO Corse steering wheel as it has red stitching and a set of XSi front fog lamps removing the fog blanks (left black on rally to fit brake coolers), & a new Pug dash button in the blank so it was all factory.

I read about 2 years back in a classic car magazine what it reckoned would be the 10 best future classics, number 3 or something on the list was the Phase 1 106 rallye, the more unmolested the better.

They based it all on stuff that is considered classic now MK3 Escort RS Turbo Custom, Capri 280 Brooklands, MK1 Golf, 205 GTi etc etc cars that were beyond the reach of most late teens early 20's car enthusiasts when they were new, but once they reached mid 30's and had more expendable cash go looking for the cars from there youth they couldn't afford as a 2nd car to restore/cherish pushing values up. I don't think its quite reached it yet, but the prices are not going to go any cheaper and I keep thinking on buying a nother but it would need to be completely standard.
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Im envious....

A mate of mine had one of these because of a lifetime ambition but couldnt hack the way it drove. It was quite possibly the most fit-for-purpose car Ive ever seen, excellent :D
I've become quite a purist in my old age, this car will be as standard looking as when it came out of the factory :D It was originally for sale with a set of white compomotive MO's, which looked sweet as, but I wanted the original steelies. You can't beat 12KG per corner with tyres! no aftermarket alloy comes close (well, not unless you spend a lot anyway) Only other non-standard items are the steering wheel and gearknob. The gearknob will be changed for standard, but I'm getting attached to the MOMO corse wheel, it feels fantastic :eek: So that can stay, but everything else standard (apart from the engine bay :p ) There's something so appealing about the car on it's no-frills steelies. She's missing the centre-caps tho so I'll get a set of them. In fact you can pick up brand new steelies for £42 a corner on ebay, I might just bite the bullet and get those! Gonna get this little rallye absolutely mint if I keep it.
Took a corner tonight, it's a hairpin, really tight. Wasn't paying that much attention to my speed, but when I'd passed I noticed the clock was showing 40. I couldn't believe it so I did a U-turn and did it again at 40, the coop would have been all over the place :D I think I'll try my hand at a track day in this little beastie too, I was a bit scared of one in the coupe in case it broke with expensive consequences, but the rallye's cheap in all aspects and it was built for track/tarmac work after all.
Eee I could chat about my car all night :p But I'll save you all. :)
Awesome car (y)

A mate has one for sale at the moment as he's just bought a GTI instead :rolleyes:

Silly boy :( Looks nice and tidy any interior shots?

P.S Everyone knows french hot hatch's are the best ;)
Ah just noticed you now have a 205 GTI jamie, very nice :D I think between us we rule the hot hatch kingdom MWUHAHAHAHA :D Well french cars, I must say the shoddy quality is a shock, it really feels tinny and cheap inside. Especially coming from the coop which feels very well screwed together! But it is a 14 year old car and I can forgive it for the handling ;) I have no interior shots, if I can I'll give it a good clean this weekend and get some better shots, or I may just be lazy and not bother :p
There's not a lot to see to be honest, just some light seats with good support and a whole lot of red carpet and seatbelts. Everything else has been omitted to save weight, you even get wind-up windows and no Central locking :rolleyes:
Ah well, gotta go, Going shopping in Bangor (for the missus, but what she doesn't know is I'll be taking the A5 home, as you kinda come across this)


Just wanted to see how tidy it is inside :eek:

Yeah build quality is something they got stuck on i think spent all their time making it go round corners quickly :yum:

In the process of adding some white Roland Garros and White alloys to mine this weekend as well as sorting out some rather dodgy earthing it's had done in a previous life :rolleyes:

So the coop can be sold now you have a car that handles properly :confused: :D
Gotta agree that keeping it standard has a certain appeal, in my youth I modded as much as funds allowed but as I get older I cant be bothered to mod a car. I am starting to appreciate all things standard. The only exception is if its a design flaw and a mod makes it run more reliable etc etc.

Anyway nice motor enjoy. (y)
I wanted the original steelies. You can't beat 12KG per corner with tyres! no aftermarket alloy comes close

You can, my sparco's are 12kg with tyres a corner, actual rim weighs 8kg.
My wellers weigh 6kg a rim, so with the same tyres as the sparcos they would be 10kg a corner:p:p:p
Me comps weigh 7.5kg a rim and me oz racing wheel dont even register on the scales, so its under 5kg (but it is a F1 wheel):p

Nice car by the way(y)