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General My test drive 90bhp dynamic

Aug 28, 2004
Reading, UK
Took the only diesel they had over at the fiat here out this morning, what a great little motor the 1.3 is. Moves along very well and gets up to some speed very easily :)

So i went back to the dealers and decided i'd order a Red sporting 1.9 mjtd with the black leather interior and i did :D just gotta sell the stilo now :rolleyes:

and i get the punto the end of march as its a factory order :eek:
yes well done (y) come on we want fiat to come back up in the car world in the UK :D i want to see a grande punto now, looks like it have to wait for someone in southend to get one, but also my mum wants one, but automatic, so il have to see if they release one.

have you given stilo people the bad news? lol
Congratulations mate, of course I already knew you was getting one.

Now just gotta wait till end of March and then you will have that big grin again like you had when you first got the Stilo.

You know Im hitching a ride with you to Brooklands now mate ;)

I just rang the insurance company to see what it cost to swap my policy from stilo to punto. I was expecting to have to pay a bit more as the punto is 2 groups higher than my stilo. But NO it wont cost me anything :D no extra charge to swap it to that car :)
Well spoke to the dealer today and he tracked the order and its going on the production line this week, so should be here in 3 to 4 weeks :)

The sporting that the dealer is getting as a showroom car is also being built in the same batch as mine, so i just gotta wait to see mine now :eek:
Maybe i should have bought a black one :eek: