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General My Shiney Bits

Sep 11, 2004
Coventry (near Birmingham
going to use this post to keep people updated on my new shiny bits for my car.
they have been shotblasted and covered in metal which is ment to last 25 years or something :confused:

but should look good when all on


brakes are being done again

then any more bits that i can find :yum:
Re: My Shiny Bits

99sei said:
it didnt, get shotblasting, zinc plating and anodising done for free :p

going to lacqure them tonight and see what they look like.

wouldnt lacqure them really as it would burn off due to heat i would have thought :)
Re: My Shiny Bits

they havent been plated or anodised, i wanted them to be zinc plated but the person doing them thought they would be doing me a favour giving them an extra layer of metal and coating them in heat resistant paint.

aint gona grumble seen as it was free :slayer:

was going to lacqure then to give them extra shine

just been to check and it aint any more shiny, got a bit of paper stuck to it for my efforts though
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Re: My Shiny Bits

yeah, i made the same mistake. i painted up a mount off my 1242 and turned out to be a punto one. oops!

looking shiny there though. looks to be on the inside and on the gasket surfaces too though. might wanna clean that off before using them
Re: My Shiny Bits

yes its off a punto, sourced a 1242 engine :slayer:

will clean the sufaces before use with a dremal grinder or glass paper

should be a very shiny engine bay

might even get the jubilee clips done red to add a bit of colour :p
Re: My Shiny Bits

yeah, but what we mean is that mount is useless. its for a punto, not a cinq. you dont use that bit in the conversion, you use the cinq ones!
Re: My Shiny Bits

well a bit of an update, after i could find the thread due to me spelling shiney wrong lol :eek:

sent a few bolts and nuts off and heres the result


and another


and my brakes after they spent a month being re-done


hmmm shiney


still got to send a few more bits to be done so will update soon (y)
Re: My Shiny Bits

got the last of the bolts and things back today


and a close up pic - its called a seal colour apparently :confused: looks good though got loads of different colours in it


so what do you think? by the time it goes in nearly every bolt and nut possible will have been zinc plated and a lot of the engine painted and cleaned :yum:

still got a few more idea but all will be seen soon :devil:

oh any moderator that reads this can they please change my title to sat 'shiney' rather than shiny (y)
Re: My Shiny Bits

You'll be needing a pair of sunglasses then for oil changes and the like lol (y)