Seicento my sei (work in progress)


just had it cleaned, thought i'd take some pics before it decides to **** down!!!

wheels will be changed soon, abarth skirts are coming off, and having some kind of custom rear valence made too. but this is it now :D



skirts sit way too high at the front of the car i think.

it's gonna be a long process but i'm going for a total euro slag look, on the lookout for some nice wheels at the moment, and designing a completely custom rear bumper as we speak.
i wanna do the same as i did for the front, use the original bumper and redesign it myself .

at the moment thinking similar to the front, so pretty plain and chunky, fiddling around now i've brought each side down lower, filled the recess where the mesh was and left a tiny recess in the middle. not quite sure though, not keen on just filling in the recess and leaving it :confused:
i like that.

i didnt like the bumper in the first pictures you posted, but seeing the car side on like that - it suits :)

sideskirts do need to sit a lot lower though, same with the rear. nice and a shiny (y)
yeah it looks a teeny bit silly at the mo, but all in good time :p

found some lovely skirts for a lupo that i might try and ponce, i think changing the wheels is gonna change the look 10 fold though
looking fantastic mate, sei to be proud off (y)

i reckon somethin like m3 sideskirts that sit low will compromise with front bein lower and make it low look the whole way round!!!

keep up the good work.
oooh, i like them actually :D

thing with M3 skirts is they're pretty spikey looking if that makes sense, i need something pretty smooth and a bit chubby to fit the front.

if anyone's interested in the skirts by the way, drop me a PM :cool:
I've had a play in photoshop on the back. sorry, its only a quick representation, nut basically

Extended bumper south,
Filled holes in bumper,
Smoothed in exhaust exit,
Dual exhaust coming from Bumper,
Extended bootline down to match front.


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