Seicento My sei sporting


This is my Seicento sporting. She's done over 100,000 but still sweet as a nut... had to have the brakes overhauled: new discs, pads, drums, new front shocks and handbrake cable recently since buying her. things I have done myself: abarth skirts, mkII punto spoiler, wired in new fog lights, Pioneer 180w coaxial speakers, kenwood head unit. My alloys are a bit crusty and I will be refurbing them soon myself- haven'y yet decided on silver or a metallic grey yet though...IMG_0088.JPG

sei sport.jpg

Nice one a specially ruff (always waned to have)?
I'f U plan refurb alloys why don't U get ABARTH ones?
This is mine still before refurbishment ImageUploadedByFIAT Forum1417034713.777832.jpg
All best Fella...?

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Cheers mate! was thinking about getting abarth alloys, can't seem to find a pair though! did also think of putting punto alloys on, but thought that might raise the clearance even more and make it look like a 4x4 haha... are the abarth ones an inch bigger than standard too? liking your sei- very tidy!
yeah abarth wheels are 14"... Would look epic in anthracite but i am biased - am a bit obsessed with anthracite wheels lol..

I ran anthracite abarths on my old sei, i think it looks so right. Also anthracite punto GT wheels on my old cinq
they are well nice! do you reckon anthracite looks good on standard sporting alloys?

I think they look mint on a red car, however imo a yellow one looks best on the standard silver. I would get some Abarths as above ^

Edit: Including the yellow centre caps :p
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blue wheels work best on yellow... but thats my opinion haha.

I think anthracite wheels would look top on yellow myself, but again thats my opinion - you just have to go with what you think at end of the day..
Trust me, blue on yellow works...


I will have a yellow car with blue wheels!
Do apologise for late return to palette of colours. Blue on yellow to me looks well interesting but what will U guy's think of colour that I wanna to copy of Lexus on me standard ABARTH wheels with yellow cups?ImageUploadedByFIAT Forum1418018037.591648.jpg