Punto (Mk2/2b) my punto mk2 sporting!


here r a few pics of my car!

soon to come is a kit and some 40mm lowering springs!

let me know what u think!
Looking good :D

Debadge would be nice, poss leave sporting. Paint your mirrors next. Is that an orange bulb in your side repeater? If so try a silver one.

Like the way you can see the exhaust through the wheels. :D Have you done anything else inside, can just see the silver console.
yeah it is orange silver would look good!

and yeah i rekon id debadge it! also the mirrors i am tempted to do but i might gte some of them cup mirrors is it?

and nothin else done to inside apart from the system! buckets would b good but i think ill leave that for now because my seats r sports seats ne way!

cheers 4 yah reply!
those lights can look so different on different cars....i acutally like them on that car...but i saw some on a different colour car and they didnt look so does depend suppose...just be like different LOL ;)
Car looks well nice what you've done :)

Like the lights on it :p tho not for my car!
Can't say I'm keen on the lights, infact quite the opposite :(

Exhaust looks tidy, and the alloys are nice :)

I'd recommended taking the Punto and FIAT off, but leave the sporting, that's what I've done ;)

I also have placed a Abarth badge over the boot key hole, think it looks sweet ;)
I just did it with an unwanted bank card.

I know people say not to do it like that, but as long as you're careful it's all good, and free ;)

I used some tar+glue remover to get a lot of the grime off then just waxed the rest off, no problem :)
Car is lookin shweeeeet!..:cool: love the color.. duno bout rear lights, think when u get ur kit u outa use white mesh if u guna mesh any of it.

are both ur exits for exhaust working.. looks like the one on the right is just mounted on a bit of pipe from what u can see on the second pic. cant see the silencer..
The badges pull off very easily and dont take the paint with them, i too used an old credit card to prise em off and then rubbed the sticky glue with my finger and it came off no problem.

The silencer might be moved to the middle of the car, thats where mine is now
I like it, colour is really damn nice, and lights work very well with the colour and alloys.

also, for an 'accidental mod' I think it looks good having the 'P' missing leaving it as looking darker blue. Nice one.
cheers people! overall good responce! im very happy!!

and yeah the exhaust is runnin of one back box! its made by peco especially for the punto n sounds well nice! a lot of people have commented! if there is ne way of recording it n puttin it on i will try!