Punto (Mk2/2b) My Punto MK2 Abarth


Here's my Punto MK2 Abarth hope you like it (y)

- Model : 1.9 JTD Abarth
– Engine size : 1900cc
- Year : 2003
– Colour : Dark Blue


- Nothing yet


- Full HGT int interior
- A few Plactics painted in aluminum effect

- Full Genuine Abarth body kit
- Colour-coded mirrors- Tinted back lights
- TSW Black Ice 17" alloys
- Front and rear wondow tints

- Sony CDX-GT44IP head unit
- Infinity Reference 9623i 6x9
- Vibe Slick12 1200watt Subwoffer
- Vibe Sick A7 monoblock 1300w amplifier

- Black angel eyes

Any coments welcome :)

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like it mate, job well done!!

got any thing else in line for it?

you can get a monster super charge kit from novitec!!!!!!:)
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whats the best way to tint the back lights?

savage tint spray.. remember to do really fine layers, you odn't want it to go really dark. And get some lacquer too, will give it a nice shiny finish, it'll be matt otherwise which doesn't look so good. Good idea to get some t-cut at same time, just incase you put to much on, you can lighten it with t-cut (before lacquer)
looks nice :) .........same here on the wheels not my choice, but everyones different!

lower it bit more? How about a nice duplex exhaust to come out the exits on the abarth rear bumper?

..........oh and obviously a red dot map! To make it fly like stink, im sure some of the MKII mapped JTD lads ull be along soon :)
stick stock wheels back on and remove the silver paint from the interior and i'd be happy enough to have it.

is that daddy's 3series in the background?

is the lass in the white top mummy? could be potential milf, post some pics :D
Daddy's AC Schnitzet M5, its my other half mot my mum lol:eek: i can really lower it coz it scraps like mad when theres people in back, mayby because of big heavy diesel engine! I think im gonna paint door handles 2morrow but i dont no wat else to do!?
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