My previous cars


So here we go, the car we should never had sold.

ClioSport 172

My old MR2 Rev2 GTS (import)

My wifes car until we sold it a couple of months back. Janspeed twin exit exhuast, re-mapped to 84bhp, ms design bodykit, candy pink panels, soundpack upgrade, Kahn Alloys



The old BMW 316ti compact sport, it had everything you could think of having done by BMW, every upgrade possible they could do in the brochure

Oh and finally the fun weekend car, now been sold. Robin Hood, 2.0l pinto lump

So quite a collection of cars over the past years, and the worst thing i could not drive any of them, My wife drove, due to epilepsy i do not hold a licence, well until next year when i start doing my licence. out of all those cars, my own one was the MR2, the Clio was both ours, but i miss my baby that MR2 was a mental car, Arse happy no matter what speed was being done
A 316 is too slow IMO, the 172 is french so good idea in getting rid, the rest i can live with apart from the smarts colour

Some good cars there
Well we bought the 316 with the attention of having a family, but thought we were to young to have a family in the end, plus it was too slow. Going from a 172, to a 1.8 with no power was a joke, lol.

The 172 may have been french, but it was one of the most reliable cars we had to be honest, fun, fast and great round the twisties 0-60 time of 6.9 seconds with so much potential, would have another one.

We had more trouble with the Smart to be honest, driving down the motorway and the undertray came off, well was hanging off, the roof mechanism stoped working when it started to rain. The MR2 was the most fun, humm back end happy was a great laugh, and we never had any troubles with that either.