Technical My poorly brava has lost the will to live.

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Technical My poorly brava has lost the will to live.


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Jun 17, 2005
My Brava's been getting worse and worse over the last 2 or 3 months. Its costing a fortune to keep going which is a shame because for those few precious minutes when it works it drives brilliantly.

Its a 1.4sx 12v on an R plate.
I can't get it going for very long at the moment. It'll just about start if you floor the accelerator. When it does start there are a number of worrying things that happen (not sure if they're related or not.

Once started you get a screechy sort of ticking noise that sounds like a belt slipping although its not one constant noise its a zcherr zcherr zcherr zcherr zcherr noise that speeds up with the revs of the engine.

The brake barely work at first they will just about stop the car but only after a bit of leg ache!. This usually improved after time. The pads are newish and fine.

In reverse often you get a horrible clunk and grind noise.

The car cuts out when cold really easily. This then makes it really hard to start.

Today after it cut out a couple of times I couldn't get it started again for love nor money.:bang:

Does anyone know it any of these problems might be related.? Any thoughts on any of this will be most greatfully received.
this may sound like a real daft stupid comment

but how old is the battery...cause with starting problems that might be involved

maybe a new one is needed.
Battery's only about 2 months old. It turns the starter motor over a treat. I've just been out again to it. It will start but only after holding the acelerator to the floor and turning the engine over for about 15 seconds.

I used to start instantly!!
yes the brakes are fairly rock hard. The pedal only goes down a little way. Once the cars's been going for a little while they soften up back to normal.

Its just they both seemed to happen at the same time.