Punto 2012+ My New Punto TwinAir with Brio Pack


Just thought i'd post a few pics of my new arrival. Went to dealer this afternoon to see it before i collect on the 1st September.

I'll post a few pics when it's at home and all shiney
nice car, my sister ordered her one for collection on the 1st, same colour but the gbt (is that any different?) very nice cars teh new punto
Cheers Rat,

I think the GBT has more of a sportier look - side skirts, roof spoiler
Just spotted the new reverse/reflectors on the bumper there sexy. I may sound dumb here but are they like this on the Evo's? Oh and very nice car, the front looks so different yet so similar to the Grande's if that makes sense lol.?
Everything that was wrong about the EVO, that they had incidentally made worse from the Grande, has been made better on the new model. About time.

GONE is the tacky black back bumper
GONE is the tackier black front bumper
GONE is the hideous chrome strip on the bonnet

Music to my ears. This looks so much sleeker. They still make them on stilts though!
Yet I find the Punto evo more attractive, looks more masculine in my opinion, Also the evo offered exceptional value for money, GONE is that as well as these new Punto's offer no where near the same kit and specs as they did with the Evo for the same money, Il keep my Punto Evo sporting over any of these new punto's! All a matter of opinion though.
Hi Andy,

The brio pack gives you Climate Control, Rear Parking Sensors, Dark Tinted Rear Windows, Blue & Me, Leather Gear Know & Steering Wheel
One of the problems with styling is that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, because of that I have to say that in my opinion, the original Grande Punto became the best looking car in its class straight out of the box. But sadly FIAT have a track record of making cars less attractive at the re-style. The Panda has managed to be a best seller from introduction in 2003-ish right through to date; near as makes no difference 9 years. All it had during that time was a slight restyle to the grille and the removal of the black vinyl on the B posts.

I can't help thinking that the introduction of the Multiair and Twinair motors and giving the handling a good dose of looking at would have done the trick.

I think FIAT could have taken a leaf out of the books of BMW, VW and Audi; and do next to nothing to they styling.
i have the punto twinair GBT it gives you rear spoiler side skirts and rear tinted windows my first fiat and first proper car. only problem is that the punto twinair is a bit rare so ordering extras can be tricky. but fantastic car and quite nippy for a 2 cylinder. :woot:
No. 1 Son (21) and I went to collect his red Twinair today, the 3 hr drive home was amazing. Accelerate out of the roundabout with the 'eco' button on and not much happens, which is fine if you're looking for 50+ mpg. However, there comes a point when life is too short and the finger jabs the button. Whoosh! A gruff bellow, a shove in the back and there's action, then back onto 'eco'. This is a car that demands concentration and attention to achieve the best progress/economy balance.
What fun, really involving and reasonable insurance, thanks to Admiral Multicar. For a young driver it's a really good insurance v performance balance.
I hope you enjoy yours as much as we're enjoying ours.