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General My New Pink Panda!

posh pandas

Feb 22, 2006
near peterborough
Just been sorting it out!
Mechanically brilliant!!!
Is that the one that was on Ebay? - There can't be more than one, surely!? :D
thanks for the comments :)
yes , the car was on e-bay last week .I was told it was on and just took a chance - my other 'pink' being FAR from road worthy and on the back boiler at the moment.Really pleased , drives fantastic.So far i've replaced the thermostate,flushed through the radiator, changed the oil and put the alloys on(thanks Richard (y)p ) Just bought fan belt and timing belt so there next along with plus ,leads,points and exhaust.Amazing how soon it all adds up :eek: .Both doors have rusted though-no middle bits the hinges are just about working !Still i've been really busy with the t-cut but i'm dead chuffed and cant stop smiling when i look at it .At least i should now make the "spotted" section now !
gina X
Wish i'd taken some close up photos now of before starting to t-cut.It had had a quick/rough polish over for e-bay photos but hadnt been really cleaned for quite a while .Plenty of living green stuff around the edges :p and pretty faded -white in places.
Xsisley - if youre serious and you "need one" and like to spend lots of time and money on your pandas you can always pm me as dont forget i do have another one awaiting restoration !
It would be good to get a few of these together for one of the meets next year.
gina X:)
ye . ok i will bare that i mind !
i would be NEEDING it for my girlfriends birthday present or present of some sort.

are the pink ones 999cc yea ?
carbed ?

it does look brilliant !!

yep ,pinks are carb'd 999cc - just the same as a 1000s (previously thought to be the best panda :p ) under the bonnet.
you'd need to work on it first or you might loose her as a girly friend ! i love it , its taken me years to get one ...and now the chance to own two has come along within a matter of weeks .
Allen , when i collected the car it had a pair of pink dice hanging of the mirror :yuck: .....anyway even the charity shop didnt seem to want them !!!
the 'diamond' encrusted tax holder has also gone !
very nice love the wheels :p we must sort a panda meet again for the new year again it was good last year(y)