Punto (Mk2/2b) my new look punto


my punto fresh from the bodyshop
Lookin nice. You should have painted the mirrors at the same time, unless you are changing them. Remove rubstrips next.
Nice car (y) - i know silver cars r kinda common bu u gota luv the colour..

Please lose the tribal decal - i really think they look cheap n nasty, sorry :eek:
nice looking car, but I agree with the tribal imagary. And what happened with th rear skirt, why have the body shop chopped a big hole in it to fit exhaust exits, aren't there mean't to be filled in with mesh?
Very nice punto, i'm not a huge fan of the mk2b but that looks sweet (y)

One thing though whats happening with the wing mirrors?
Looks nice but you should have got the mirrors colour coded at the same time, not a fan of that graphic on the rear window either :)
tribal is goin ,dtm mirrors soon bump strips and handles colour coded ,tints,
merkur front splitter icc front grill+ icc lght masks then maybe POWERFLOW!!!!!:worship:
uno_94 said:
all very good (y) but i dont like them wheels..... on that car, they dont suit a silver car lol :confused: :eek:

I do like those rims they look very good on the car.
Also the plans you got for her sounds great so hope to see the changes soon :D .
I actually like the wheels, haven't seen many mod'd mk2b's but that is well on the way to being totally sweet, just needs some minor details to fill it up.