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Jan 4, 2006
Hey ppl, just bought a x1/9 yesterday. Its a '78 1300. Its has a few sore spots, nothing i cant fix. Basically original...which is very hard to find here in SA. She even still has her original mags.

There are two things i would like to ask...
Today when i drove the car the lights started popping open and then close and then open again...over and over. Doesnt stop if i put the lights on.

Was wondering, how hard is it to put in the uno 5speed gearbox? I'm use to my uno and repeatedly try and change to 5th...:bang:

I still cant believe i found it...

P.S. she still goes to 170km/h and revs past 7000rpm :slayer:
If it is a '78 there should be a small cutout in the left rear swingarm to give clearance for where the gearbox "expansion" needs to go. If you don't have the cutout then the 5 speed gearbox will not fit - simple as that. You can of course fit a swingarm from a later 1500...

I do know that pretty much *all* of the RHD 1300s from 78 onwards had the necessary alteration as standard so I would say you are likely to be in luck but it depends on how long the car spent in a showroom before being sold.

In terms of getting the Uno gearbox to fit - you are likely better off just fitting the later X1/9 gearbox but if you must use the Uno box then you need to swap the gearlinkage around and use the X1/9 bellhousing. From memory I can't remember if you need to change anything else but I have a nagging feeling that the mountings for the exhaust bracket are missing in which case you need to transplant the Uno internals into a 5-spd X1/9 box as well which sort of defeats the object.
I like the gear ratio's of the 4 speed...but i would just like a 5th gear.
I'll see what i can do i guess.