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Princess Becky
Aug 31, 2005
my mate is going to look at a punto gt today. Any advice on what we should look for to see if any thing is wrong?;)
I think all the general Punto thing (someone will be along soon to tell you what they are), but check for white smoke at startup from cold. Also take it for a run, get up to a reasonable speed, and lift off, as if slowing down to stop. Don't put the clutch in though - let the engine slow you down. If it smokes white or blue smoke at either of these times, the turbo bearings are probably worn. Note that it may smoke a little white smoke when you start it up though, but this will be condensation.
I would ask the guy to start it for you and let him take you out for a spin. From the way he treats the car from cold you might get a clue, whether you should run fast to protect your money from poor investment.

Obviously this is only one more thing to look at.
check smoke from exhaust. if its smokey white then it could be the turbo thats knakered (think that was what it was on a UT i was looking at).

If possible have a feel bonnet rad area see if its hot ive known people to start up the car and warm up the engine cos its a bad starter good luck its a mine field out there (y)
check everything electric works, esp passenger side electric window, they often slow down or break.

Check no mayo in oil cap. check all the tanks have oil/water/brake fluid in them, and not a cocktail of crap.

Check rear tyres and that they are wearing evenly ifthey are wearing on the outside but not the inside (and car makes an exhaust on metal type noise, not actually exhaust) then the rear radius arms are worn, andon GT's (they have ABS) these are £70 EACH (fit new ones in pairs if you can) plus fitting, so its about a £200 job.

all turbo cars (inc diesels) should be started (when cold) left to run for a few secs before you rev it atall, and when warmed up at least to the 1/4mark then you can start driving it a bit harder (unless its warm don't rev it on the drive), if the seller does this, walk away, he/she obviously has no idea how a turbo works (it needs hot oil to create a bearing surface as they spin that fast they work on basically a bush with hot oil under pressure squirted onto it), and if its revved when cold that bush will get eaten alive = turbo dying, breaking, worst poss thing would be compressor fan to explode under pressure and blow into all of the engine etc.
car was ok

drivers back wing had being resprayed you could tell as the colours did not match. It drove fine.

He did not have a red key so i told my mate 2 walk away as it is worthless without the red key :(
little becky said:
He did not have a red key so i told my mate 2 walk away as it is worthless without the red key :(
its only a problem if the car goes wrong (which Fiats tend to do more so than others). I dont occupy a red key - the previous owner said they would look for it and i'd offer them £100 if they found it. But they didn't find it even with that money. It probably was lost when it was a rental car for its first year at robinson goss.

How much was the car?

he should have swopped, lot of people on here can help with the light :( might only needed a bottle of injector cleaner, or was it the code light staying on, if the chip bypassed the imobiliser then it might stay on but wont be a problem