Technical My in laws' Multipla won't start

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Technical My in laws' Multipla won't start


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Jun 8, 2012
Hi all
I am all new to this forum and must in advance apologize for my poor technical English. Especially if some words ends up being Danglish in stead of proper English!:eek:

My in-laws have a 105jtd multi which is behaving like a stubborn ass when starting.
The code key indicator does not turn on half of the time and the glowplug indicator even more seldom. If both indicators haven't lit(and glowplug off course turned of again) the starter turns but the engine doesn't start. All there is to do is be patient and turn the ignition of/off until both indicators light up.
It seems that if the engine is still varm it is less of a problem.
We have tried swapping the steering column from a brava to encounter the possibility of the problem being the the keykode reeiver, but this didn't solve it.
The keys have been reprogammed after changing the key cylinders due to theft, so we know they are not to blame.
My dad in-law is heking up on the earth connetions now and been over the ones: on the foremost beam left/right, left bottom of the cabin and the one at the right tail light.
I was asked if it ould start using the Masterkey, but we don't have it so I wouldn't know.
I should maybe tell you that my father in law mechanic and been working primarily with Fiat cars for 30+ years.

Does anyone have an idea as to what to look for or if there is an ignition related earth he has missed?

Thank you in advance



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Jan 22, 2008
Checking earths is a good start, also check battery is delivering 12 volts.
Key code light not going out means immobiliser not recognising transponder or there is a fault on the circuit, it won't start with this light on.
Listen for a relay click when you turn the ignition key to start position, should be low down on the passenger side, if you don't hear the click - look for a red relay under the ECU cover in the passenger footwell.
Swap this relay with a spare from the relay box near the battery, there might also be another spare in the fuse box under the passenger glove box.