Cinquecento my cinq


own a 1998 sporting which im aiming for a great car, suspension done bodys painted and going back together interiors done so engine next(y)
I warn you, they can become addictive........... i love chucking my about ........ roundabouts, fast sweeping bends.......... traffic light drag racing.........
Nice Cinq, looks good on those wheels, you'l have to get it up to snowdonia for the twisty stuff, and go back through the Nant y garth,....... when its rollin!
I definatly agree there addictive, best little car i've owned.
should handle sweet, strut braced mine, and new anti roll bushes, lowered, oh and brakes! all round. no complaints on the handling! my seats knackered though. been looking at a omp trs pluss one with red and yellow stripe, Demon tweeks, recon it would look good with the rear trim..... What you doin with the interior? any buckets going in?