my carz Ren 21 Turbo, Bravo to follow


hi people i know it not a fiat but this is my toy what is in the garage an will get pics of my bravo which i just bought 2day soon as weather is decent.
Let me Know what u think of the 21turbo
Re: my carz

personally i love it :D

always loved the 21 turbo along with the rover 620ti.

dad had a 21 tubby in the deep blue they came in, tinted windows and leather, what mint rocket ship that was!!! i want one...:yum:
Re: my carz

Very old school, the alloys suit it. I've had a bit of a comparison with one on a DC near me, was quite rapid. Overtook him and was leaving him behind by some margin, but then we went into a built-up area and he was being a complete c*ck so I let him overtake.
Re: my carz

Great condition for an oldie, is that a recent pic?

Told by a few peeps parts are hard to come by, is it true?

If you don't mind, I'll modifiy this thread title to get the Renualt lovers in (you know who you are!)

Their not 2 bad 2 get parts for i use euro parts an a guy near me breaks renaults an he got loads of parts that pic is about a year old will get sum more once it out the garage jus needs a bit of engine tunning as its only running 225 bhp at the wheels car only cost me about £200 an it was funny taking the **** out off chavs in their boy racer novas fiestas etc an the odd punto turbo,metro turbo etc tryin 2 race me