Bravo (Classic) My car


Some updated pics of my bravo, will be going into the bodyshop for side skirts repair and to fit the splitter! :)
Nice (y) wot spec is it? Front splitter i take it? the rear look ok as it is... oh i like ur abarth skirts by the way :)
its the 1.8hlx and i wasnt sure about taking the mudflaps off i think it would look better with them off but then it would look higher lol, dunno which rear skirt to get for it and yes i do mean a front splitter... its the infinity one i have got and its all waiting for fitting..just me waiting for the bodyshop to be ready to go in lol. :)
Slippy said:
they are beasy side skirts.

wonder if i could get a pair to trim down to fit a sei??? :chin: :chin:

:Offtopic: i know, but chubbston who was a member on here got a punto set and had them trimmed down, they looked huge on a cento, might be the sort of thing your after. (y)

back on topic... i love that! really liking the bravos, and that is a real nice one!!! :cool:
i live in scarborough which is about 40 miles from york :p

am gonna take off the mudflaps when it goes in to have the skirt fixed and the splitter fitted :D


Performance mods atm are just cat-back exhaust uk system and i have a k&n57i but i dont have the pipes to make it fit atm .. might just get a replacement panel filter as she makes a rigfht rumble atm think the neighbours would go mad if it was any louder lol