General My car is idling poorly on start!!

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General My car is idling poorly on start!!


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Sep 1, 2007
Injector light fiat cinq...Redex good?

I have a 95 900cc Fiat Cinquecento, I have had it for a year now, and the injector light has come on a few times in the last week, and it is sort of idling roughly, and doesn't sound the same...Would some Redex Injector Cleaner sort this out? And which one do I need, there are so many in Halfords!!
Redex, Wynns, Comma or STP?

I have the injector light on my 95 Cinq, and a bit of rough indling, which is best to use out of Redex, Comma, Wynns or STP?
Re: Redex, Wynns, Comma or STP?

For cleaning your injector, any brand will do. BUt no doubt there will be several people along in a bit to tell you which ones are good and which ones are not. But thats all down to personal preference.

But the injector light may not mean your injector needs cleaning, it could be a different problem, the light just means the UCE has logged a problem
Re: Redex, Wynns, Comma or STP?

I have read other problems it could be, but I thought running some cleaner through it is a good (cheap) idea to do first. How long will it take to 'get to work' and for me to notice if it's made any difference? I've read it could also be the lambda sensor?
Right, I have a 95 Cinq, 64k miles on it, and have had it for over a year, and its been fine. However recently the injector light has started to come on intermittently, it may come on after 10minutes, then go off after 2, and stay of for the rest of the journey. It also seems to idle roughly, mainly when I first turn it on. It sounded quite unhealthy when I turned it on a week ago, but hasn't sounded so bad since, but still a little roughon start up. I ran some injector cleaner through it today, and have done 24 miles since.
Any ideas as to what else it could be, it doesn't stall, or anything like that, just sounds a have no idea about cars, I normally let my partner deal with them, but he's away for two weeks)
I've read it could be the lambda sensor...but I have no idea...Any suggestions to what it could be and how much would be great!
Nope...I have no idea what they are/where they are/how much...(I apologize for being so rubbish!)
i see 4 threads,all on just about the same subject!. on the engine managment light and on poor running on start up.
sounds like a full service is the 1st port of call.
It had a service 6 months ago...I think it was that long ago...and I was trying to delete my other threads but no idea how
24 miles isnt very long for injector takes a bit of time ot work.
check the HT leads are fully home on both the coil and spark plug ends.
cant miss them,they are the 4 thick cables on the top of the engine
Ok thanks...I shall have a look after I've had some grub...I hope its not going to be anything expensive, I'm going to Uni, (therefore no money) and I shall be driving my car there and back...hour and a half round trip :S
I'm sure your course will go well while your sat on the side of the road with a broken down car.

Sort it.


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It is true, which is why I came on here, get a bit of advice. People have been helpful! And some persnickety :p Hehe, but thanks alot to everyone!
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