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My Car As Now 8P


May 17, 2004
West Mids
Hi ppl ive finally got some paint on my car sorry about the **** cam its my phone i will get some good digi cam one when i get the cam off the GF anyway here it is i cant wait to have a meet with you guys now its finished

What ya think??


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Looks awesome, its quite OTT but in a good way! Like the smoothness all over and the euro rims to compliment this... Work looks like its of a high standard from what i can tell from the pics! Any chance of some rear end photos too :)

Whats under the bonnet? Or is that ur next project... something like this should boost nothing over than a van aken turbo job ;)
sorry ive havent replied ive been busy at work, thanks for the comments ive still got to get some spacers for the front wheels so they come out a little more the engine is standard apart from a piperX venom induction kit. i would love to get my hands of a VA turbo kit but its finding one.
nice work :)
could doo with some spacers as you say and bigger wheels with smaller tyres
that looks amazing mate loving the smoothness and the euro wheels all the way the arches look good too, where they a kit ment for a different car molded to fit or did you make them up yourself...presuming there fiberglass that is(y)
there mini fiberglass arches that i brought for £50 and they are cut up to fit then smoothed in, i aint get no bigger wheel because it will look stupid, i think when i get the spacers it will be ok but i was considering get the same as the back on the front the the car will look very wide but i dont know yet. i think i need to finished the inside and re-make the install then start on a little engine work.
Now there's a old name :) how are you fella! :D thought the sei was long gone :eek:

looks mint though could do with wider wheels ;)

alright mate, i need to meet up with you lot sometime. im trying to get some good spacers to bring the front ones out should look ok then
Nice job, few things I'd personally change though:

Slightly bigger / wider wheels, they look lost under those arches and I think they would even if they were spaced out a bit.

Mk1 front bumper would suit the euro look a lot more I think, with the slats cut out to leave one huge opening like I had on my old sei. Would also mean you could relocate the number plate which I think would give it a bit of an edge too.

I'd lose the bad boy bonnet, really don't think it fits with the rest of the look. The sei headlights fit the front end of the car perfectly - it's a shame to cover them up.

Also minor bits like losing the england plates but I think that's a matter of personal taste.