Seicento my blue sei with white steelys!


this is wat il looks like now!!!! it was standard about 2 weeks ago:) lowered it by 60mm done by me and cinqsportnewboi took about 6 hours. white steelys, bucket seats,clear indicators de badged clear repeaters, colour coded interior and steering wheel thats all i can remember off thetop of my head hope u like it?
Not sure if the wheels quite have theeffect you were looking for.

Hope they're not harnesses without a roll cage...

Otherwise I like the colours.
I liked the look of the wheels at first, on the smaller thumbnails. But I reckon they need spacing outwards, wider tyres on and the car needs dropping slightly more (y) (but 60mm is alot already :S)
No offence...but against that shade of blue, the white steelies look :yuck:

Get some alloys :yum:
beau_4076 said:
lower it another 40mm (y) then get some 13" minilite alloys (y)

minilites wont fit.

what you mean to sat is get some ML's or minilite copies that will fit :p
I think it looks bloody great mate (y) Ignore the one's who slag off the wheels, it's original and if you like them that's all that matters. Personally I think it was a good idea, really smart motor (y)
Cracking idea.. top marks for been different.

Reminds me of a 106 rallye.

Needs a cage now!

Please don't go down the root of sparco mud flaps etc... they should be burnt.
Looking good matey (y)

Yea the springs took long enough lol. Its lowered enough I just think u need to get some spacers on it to fill out the arches and it'll be sorted.

I agree, its a bit more original just do what u think looks good :slayer:
looks good! someone suggested painting my steelies a few days back but didnt think it would suite my blue. what colour is yours?