Punto Evo/Supersport (Abarth) My Abarth Punto Evo... Meet Archie


Heres my new car, I've had 3 weeks now and covered just under 1500 miles. I have to say I bloody love it, its a hell of an upgrade from my old Punto Evo Sporting (y)(y) I cant stop smiling!! :D
Nice Evo Abarth! (y) I have to admit I would really like one, it really has grown on me over time! Is it still standard at the mo?

TMC motorsport do some good modification to get you more power etc from it. If you are in to that sorta thing! :D
Thank you :-D Yes its still standard at the moment. I'm pretty sure it wont stay standard for long lol

I modded my old Alfa 145 so this might have to go the same way :D :D Will see how far my money will stretch :D
We need to get round to doing that photoshoot we talked about. Need to clean mine first though, it's more brown than Grey at the moment :D