Cinquecento My 1st car

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Cinquecento My 1st car

give quinne direct a call, my fiat punto 1.2 was £1200 and im only 17

Well they want £1434 off me to insure a 98' Cinq Sporting.... I'm 19 with 1 years No Claims...

This year i'm gunna end up £1190ish, with Directline.
My insurance was £1300 on my 899 SX, through Privilege (sp?)

bargain little thing., i still havent got around t getting one of these,. as someone else said the minilites will looks class on it., the abarth kit would look brilliant aswell.,

Ive alwayssy said chink-kway-chento, and ive had 4

and yep, thats the right way its said in italiano, Congratulazioni serin.,lol., it means 500 in italian., then theres the seicento = 600 etc.,