Technical Multipla Recall Front Springs Breaking

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Technical Multipla Recall Front Springs Breaking


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May 11, 2005
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There has been a recall for ALL Multiplas with chassis nos between 02026501 and 02234408 to change front suspension parts

It looks as though it's all the diesels in this range
but check the number of your car just to make sure

You can check by ringing Fiat on 0845 6066619 option 2 followed by option 4
(Mon - Fri 9am-5pm)

If your chasis number is included,
Ring your nearest dealer quoting the recall code which is 4995
Just to make it clear its Mark 1 multiplas, and ONLY diesels, the front suspension springs are being replaced.
thanks for that info.

Just phoned local fiat, there ordering parts and its going in next week to have the work done.(hope they don't start saying other stuff needs doing while its in etc, gulp!)
It's probably a new plan by Fiat to get us to spend more money on our Multiplas :)
is the recall only for english multiplas or all.i have a spanish one
I would asume it wouldn't make difference, but I would check with Fiat
Thanks Gary for alerting us all here,

My chassis number happens to be right in the middle of the ones you mentioned. I am now going to arrange to have this done.


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ATTENTION Recall 4995 is also for Face lifted Multipla, If you are in the sth yorkshire area contact 01709 365420 for you local fiat dealer, to have this recall carried out.

REMEMBER new multiplas are affected also................
I am waiting for the parts to arrive at Fiats newest dealer in Gloucester
I would guess changing the springs would mean the tracking etc would have to be checked

Whether Fiat would do it I don't know ? We all know they should !!!
As to tracking, some do some don't!

I had my tracking done by an independant today. Set back to zero toe from the 3mm toe out the dealer left it with.
Recall Front Springs - FIAT can't find recall 4995?

Called my local dealer, Wilson's of Epsom, they say there are no outstanding recalls on my vehicle (2000 JTD, 02060855) so I called FIAT on the 0845 number on this thread. They put me through to FIAT Customer Services. They can find recall 4994 and 4996, but not 4995.:confused: They tried their Head Office, then their supervisor, with no luck. :rolleyes: I'm awaiting a call back....
FIAT can't find recall 4995 - really!

Got my call back from FIAT (as they promised - good sign) along the following lines:

This recall is SOOOOOOOO new :eek: that it's not on FIAT's system therefore the dealers don't know about it yet.

Not sure how it can be newer than 4996 which they DO know about....:confused:

Also not sure how some of you have already had the work done if it's SOOOOOOO new....

They suggest I call a dealer who HAS done the work to find out how they got wind of it.

You have to do a lot of the legwork when you're a FIAT customer don't you!:rolleyes:
I get a strange warm glow inside knowing that I can tell you things about your car that Fiat can't

Have a look on the Vosa site, It is all written there
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