Multipla JTD gear ratio

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Multipla JTD gear ratio


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Oct 29, 2007
:)Installed a powerbox into my 2003 JTD Multipla. Wow! Power increase is increadible. Now it seems that I need a 6th gear to capitalized on the extra torque/hp in order to bring rpm down on higher speed and save on fuel.

1) Does anyone have the gear and pinon ratios on the 2003 Multipla 115HP?

2) Assuming that 5th is 0.766 or whatever. Can I purchase one from Fiat or oem that gives me a lower ratio in order to reduce RMP on higher speeds?
3) Better still, can I change the pinon ratio which will enable me to change all the 5 gear ratios correspondingly.
4)The best option...can I interchance the coupe's 6 speed gearbox into my Multipla and if it's compatible withe the my diesel?

Thanks...hope some brainy guys can shed some light.

Rgds. Kenneth Too