Technical Multijet fuel filter water bleed? T?

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Technical Multijet fuel filter water bleed? T?


Nov 2, 2006
Looking over the Derv filter on the van the other day, I noticed a screwdriver slot down the right side. It looked like a bleed screw and what looked like a drain stub just below it.
Is this a bleed screw for if water is present in the filter? If so do you just open it with the engine running to let the positive pressure push the water out? and assuming the water in fuel warning light came on, is examiner intervention needed afterwards?

All this would be a lot clearer if I had the filter off, but its not due for a long time. Just occured to me though, if its a water drain and the light came on, all it would need would be a long handled screwdriver.........
(Its a 2005 Punto Multijet van)
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By the sounds of things, yes it could be the water bleed screw, No you open it with the engine switched off so that the water sinks to the bottom the water should run out on its own but you should have a primer pump on it that you can pump anyway.
Thanks Stoneacre Parts, Really appreciate that.