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General Mr. Bump Competition!


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Aug 21, 2005
Ok! The FF member who guesses NEAREST to the Final number of WATCHERS on Ebay when his auction ends next week will win a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY SPECIAL MYSTERY PRIZE!

The rules are:
1. You may enter as many times as you like but only your latest entry will count.
2. To Enter, you must post on this Thread by Posting the Following Phrase:
'X people Love you Mr Bump!'
where X is the number of watchers that you are predicting at the END of the Auction.
3 Int the case of a Tie, the earliest correct post will count!

Good Luck Everyone! The Prize is well worth winning!(y)
no one Loves you Mr Bump, the watchers are all wierdos off fiat forum who watch pandas on ebay as a hobby :(
To make it easier, now this spreads across two pages, I thought it might be best if we make a list of guesses so far (in numerical order)...

binki: no-one
Serin: 14
panda-sport: 17
GhostWKD: 19
PandaManPaul: 25
Pandamonius_maximus: 39
FuzzyPanda: 42
AppleSei: 44
Steve: 50
Alan.D: 63
Tony M: 83
christopher watson: 123
Stuartl: 1108