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May 11, 2014
Hi my wife has just bout a 2002 Seicento sporting with 46700 on the clock and just passed MOT last week also had a full service at the same time it only seems to be doing about 26-27 miles to the gallon around town does this about right?
Possibly reflects nature of traffic, length of journey, and driving style. Distant memory now, but I used to get something like 30mpg going pizza deliveries, mid 40s on extended motorway blasts.
it all depends how you drive, around town i get anywhere from low 30's to high 50's on a run I can get around 70 mpg although I have a sei active

If i'm on a fuel saving mission i drive like a granddad and up the gearbox quicker then you can say bubblegum!
I seem to get roughly 40mpg around town, usually thrashing it lol

On long drives its almost 50mpg, can't get any higher than that though, put that down to the short gearing..
currently getting around 47-50 mpg at the mo, with a recent run up to the lakes i managed 51mpg at 60mph but im in dire need of a service so would prob achieve more (y)