General mpg for £20 in a sporting

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General mpg for £20 in a sporting


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Dec 29, 2011
hi all

is 140 miles of mainly town with about 20 miles of motorway ok for 20 quid based on £1.33 a litre. using shell unleaded

cars a 98 sporting abarth 1.1 spi that has recently had new headgasket cooling system

i run 185 60 14 tyres....not through choice they were fitted to the abarth alloys when i got the car but plan soon to fit a new exhaust and the correct 175 50 15 tyres cars also had new plugs air filter and basic service stuff

i tend to drive like a granny but every now and then you gotta rev the nuts of the car but only for a brief over take or similar

lol am basically 1st to 4th asap and if i can do 5th at 30 so be it

cost of petrol's a joke(n):cry:
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We get 120 miles to £20, but that is pretty exclusively around town.

I dont drive like a granny either, these engines were made to be thrashed! Driving with too much load will have a negative effect on mpg.
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Get yourself signed up to Fuelly and compare your figures with out Centos, sounds about right to me though tbh.
I was thinking 140miles to 20quid was bad, I do mainly short 2 to 5mile journeys between little villages around my area in a 1.1spi cinq sporting with gsr and janspeed backbox, all back roads so not light footed at all as we all know this is where these little beasts come into their own :)
£20 around here is about 1/2 a tank, I'm usually lucky to get 300 miles from a full tank so 140 sounds about right to me. Mind you mine's modified, the OP's is standard so should be getting more ...
When i drive the cinq I get about 90/100 miles if im lucky on £20! (I got a really heavy right foot) :p
good to know chaps.seems 20 quid is about correct on average for the type of driving for the mpg.....also i do know that the fuel guage on these cars is err not exactly the best .lol you go up a hill and it comes on.

i reckon as soon as i get the correct tyres on and a new exhaust i should get an extra 10 mpg tyres make a huge difference around town,eg lower profile = lower rolling resistance so less work to get moving for the car.
Nice to know someone is getting good fuel at a good price, most shell garages round here are at (last time I looked) 145.9 :eek: my local village garage is at 138.9 and that's the best fuel at a good price at the moment :)
1.32.9 cheapest in Plymouth.just wish my scooby could run on it like the Mrs sporting....1.54.9 v-power for me.
1.32.9 cheapest in Plymouth.just wish my scooby could run on it like the Mrs sporting....1.54.9 v-power for me.

Asda in Plymouth was 130.7 last night..... thats the cheapest i've seen it in Plymouth in months!! to be fair that milage to the £20 seems about right thats what i get in my sei 1.1 mpi around town...

marcevs72 - Where about's in Plymouth are you?
staddiscombe mate.mrs getting about 90ish mpg to £20 at the moment but looks like lambda fooked.
90mpg?! :eek:

I assume you mean 90 miles per £20, 90 miles per gallon would be bloody good!
sure it wouldn't be that far off that on a track tbh.. put your foot down and all the petrol disappears immediately lol
I got 80miles from the red light on Monday, guage was below empty and I was crapping it all the way home from work waiting for it to cough then die, but she made it to the petrol station :) was well chuffed