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Motor Show London 2008


you *****!!
Sep 14, 2007
borats house
Is anyone planning on going to the Motorshow at the Excel center in London.

I went last year and it was really good.

Is Fiat going to have a stand this year, as im not sure if i went to it last year.

I hope they have the taster test drives again because that was really good fun :D
Ive already got it all planned LOL.

Probably will all go to pot till about 1 month beforehand though :confused: .

Going to drive down this time though me thinks and stay with either some relatives or family friends, or a nice hotel a fair few miles away from London.

When i went with my friend last year, it cost us both £60 for the train, then about £90 for the hotel each (for 2 nights). It was the travel in place near the International Airport, and it was so noisy, it was also very warm and stuffy as the air conditioning wasnt working :bang: .

We also had to take the tube across London from Kings Cross and it took about 2 hours because we travelled in rush hour.
You lucky thing.

My friend (who has passed his test, doesnt own a car - uses his mums, and never drives whernever we go out). Has suggested that we set off to the motorshow at like 4 in the morning to get to London for about 8.30ish in time (we have to make a few pickups on the way, and i live in North Yorks). And then once finished at the motorshow, which finishes at about 9ish if like last time, i then drive back again. This is because it would save him money :confused: .

I told him that i wont enjoy the motorshow that much knowing that i will have to drive the 3-4 hours back. And i will be knackered from having walked around all day .
Hes a poor student though, but i told him if he puts away even just £5 a week that he wud spend on booze or summat then that will all add up to a decentish hotel. I dont mind paying for fuel as i might do a work errand as well and get it all paid for as we have an office near there.

But i told him that im not prepared to stay up nearly 24 hours and drive 400ish miles and walk about 20 miles round the m-show
If your planning now, why not see about a super advance train fare? Normally very cheap when purchased early!

Result; no hotel needed, won't be knackered from driving and usually cost wise works out similar and even better against cost of filling the car back up.
If i do a few work miles i get about 40p a mile (i have business insurance on my policy before u ask). I want to take my car though as it will be nicer. There might not just be my friend and i though, there could be 2 others.

I dont really like trains because they are to boring and unreliable. And i know that you might say my car could be unreliable, but i trust it a lot more then the trains i have been on. The last 3 trips ending in either bus journeys, or a 1hour wait for my um to pick me up.

Also the nearest major train station to me is york, which is 24 miles way then ive gotta pay for parking.
That sounds like a good idea lol. I might have a look around see what there is.

Somewhere nice with air conditioning or ceiling fans in the room to keep us cool (y)