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MOT question - exhausts


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Oct 8, 2003
My car is due it's MOT soon, and i am a tiny bit concern about my exhaust. It is a standard system (robbing me of power, grrr) - but the backbox is not quite the right shape. Because of that, the exit is in the wrong place for the abarth apron. To get round this i made a new rear exhaust mount that pulls the whole exhaust system over and into place so that it exits properly.

Problem is, that it means the exhaust system is now pressed up against the under body of the car. Makes some interesting noises from time to time too.

To get around the metal on metal contact, i have lagged the whole exhaust system from cat back.

There are no leaks, and all the hangers are in good conidtion - but am slightly concerned the MOT man might not like my exhaust as it is!
Would say it was up to the testers discretion and he could only really fail it as a safety issue, I'd be more concerned if it were close to the fuel tank.

The fact that youve got your exhaust wrapped could leed the MOT tester to believe your car has been in a shoot out with Arny Swarfeega but as Liam pointed out so much is up to his/her discretion :D