morning all.....

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morning all.....

Evening :D

Actually have a vaguely exciting sunday for once :eek:

Have a ticket to see Bristol Vs Leicester the opening game of the season..

Even has a sit down meal before free bar and meet the players :D
Erm, "midday" all!

Just got up. Musician friend came round last night with two guitars and a "Whammy" pedal and some other exotic effects he borrowed from the music shop he works at. I think we finished trying out all the different combinations of effects around 3.30am. By the time I'd tidied up, did the washing up, had a shower etc. it was 5am... :sleep:

No work today so I can chill, though I do have my Uni assignment to work on :bang:
i was up at half 10. had a goooood nice lay in :)

have to sleep in, dont get another until saturday :(
Afternoon all, I got up around 9.30 and have been relaxing most of the day so far...Well kinda, tidying up & sorting stuff out that I've not had chance to do during the week...

Enjoy your Sunday all
well, now to start on breakfast :D

.....well, they go cornflakes in them :devil:


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while you lot were sleeping, I was working -_- got home at 7 went to bed at 7:30 and slept till 12:30, work again at 9 :(