More Members - Use Cards!!!!

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More Members - Use Cards!!!!


Oct 9, 2005

was just thinking a good way to get more members on here is if there was a standard card template, credit card size we could print off and all have a few in pockets and if you see a fiat just leave a small card on the windscreen? like i walk thru a multi store carpark at work, park my car in it sometimes and see LOADS of fiat cars just think that woudl be a good idea to get more members :) and if its a standard card we can ALL print them off and use them, just thinks its a good idea to attract more members have like on it about techical problems and styling ideas everythign about fiat think it woudl attaract more ppl :)

ahh i see
but this is a free quick and easy idea :) hehe just a small credit card size to keep in my wallet and just if i see one leave it on it :)
yeah i see what ya sayin hehe could get a window cover with fiat forum on it hehe but yeah ill have a ponder on a design :devil:
Yeah all about it to be honest when i get my 13 days off work ill look into do something :)
its not a credit card size thing but i've made one already (its A5), i keep a pile in car so i can jump out and flyer cars and stuff. Its got a place for your name, screen-name, what car you drive and its colour so they might be able to think of which car you got if they seen it driving around.
I'll go find that and put a link to it.

Wallet sized sounds good too, i thought when i made mine that i'm usually with the car when i'm in car-park etc so didn't think about it being pocket-sized. There nothing to stop you from making your own and printing some out for yourself.
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